Why should 1 opt for modular furniture vis - a - vis a carpenter job

  • Can be installed, expanded upon, modified, dismantled and transported with minimum effort.
  • Can be combined easily with individual components - from ancestral furniture to pieces of art
  • Better flexibility
  • Superior factory Machine finished products
  • Faster delivery times
  • Minimum working at site
  • Better usage of complex , functional and innovative hardware options
  • Less dependency on individual skill sets and labour requirements.
  • Elimination of individual involvement in logistics and sourcing of various materials required as per design

Are all Modular kitchens and Wardrobes based on similar design platforms

  • Each design has a distinct character targeted to the specific personal needs and individuality of the person

How important is the design of the kitchen or the wardrobe.

  • The design has to be one that completely blends the 2 most important aspects – functionalities and aesthetics

What role does ergonomics play while designing a kitchen or wardrobe

  • Heights and widths of the furniture should be so planned that there is complete and effortless access to daily requirements without any stretching
  • Positioning should be such that there is no hindrance while movements and proper blend with the aesthetics of the room
  • Adequate ventilation
  • Ambient lighting
  • Proper placement and sizing of doors for easy entry and exits
  • Antiskid flooring as in the case of kitchens
  • Proper fastening of tall cabinets particularly as in the case of wardrobes

How important is the placement of various appliances in the kitchen design

  • The design should be such that major appliances, like sink, cooking hob, refrigerator, oven-microwave, should be considered as individual workstations wherein each can be operated simultaneously without any major hindrance

What are the criteria for selecting the right materials for the cabinets

  • The materials can be selected based some of the following factors - climatic conditions of the region, neighborhood environment, usage pattern of the individual, number of people using it, cost budgets, areas of usage

What kind of cooking hob should one buy

  • The decision for the best cooking option depends on
    » Which form of energy is available
    » Size of the countertop available as per design and room parameters
    » Amount of food cooked at a point in time
    » How many utensils used simultaneously while cooking as also their size.

Does a chimney really help in the kitchen

  • Yes it does if the technical specs of the chimney are properly understood in the design of the kitchen during planning and proper ducting methods with right apparatus is used while installing the same.